From Survivor to Healer 2019 (China)


From Survivor to Healer 2019 (China), also known as Ai Shang Ni Zhi Yu Wo , is China drama premiere on Mar 31, 2019


Drama: From Survivor to Healer 2019 (China)
Romaji: Ai Shang Ni Zhi Yu Wo ,
Chinese: 爱上你治愈我
Country: China
Episodes: 48
Release Date: Mar 31, 2019 - ?
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Romance, Medical

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

It tells the love story between Psychiatrist Yan Shu Ren and Psychologist Sun Shu. While studying for his PhD, Yan Shu Ren gets to know his junior schoolmate Sun Shu and the two fall in love. But when crises arise in both parties’ families, Shu Ren drops out of school without telling Sun Shu, and Sun Shu goes to Japan to study. Five years later, both are called by their former teacher to come work at Si Kang Hospital and the two former lovers meet again. Shu Ren wants to reconcile his relationship with Sun Shu, but Sun Shu rejects him and treats him coldly. Only when Sun Shu’s mother falls ill, Sun Shu warms up to him again. Later, Shu Ren finds out that his mother died in a car accident eight years ago and starts to blame himself and questions his profession. Sun Shu helps him through these difficult times.