From Chao Phraya to Irawadee 2022 (Thailand)


From Chao Phraya to Irawadee 2022 (Thailand), also known as From Chrao Phraya to Irrawaddy is Thailand drama premiere on Jan 1, 2022


Drama: From Chao Phraya to Irawadee 2022 (Thailand)
Romaji: From Chrao Phraya to Irrawaddy
Thai: จากเจ้าพระยาสู่อิรวดี
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 12
Release Date: Saturday, Sunday
Duration: 55 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Nutchanart works at a luxury hotel in Yangon, Myanmar, as an assistant chef under the fierce head chef, Pakorn. She befriends a Burmese girl, Xin Xin, who works in the kitchen. One night while shopping, they find a Burmese book based on Panji tales. Following the dance moves in the book led her 200 years into the past, where she wakes up as Nang Pin in the Inwa Period. Experiencing the past events as Nang Pin, she meets Princess Gunthon and Princess Mongkut, Ayutthaya princesses brought to Myanmar after Ayutthaya lost in the second Burmese-Siamese war. Meanwhile, the leading artist of the Inwa theatre, Sasa, takes Nang Pin in to be a dancer. (Source: thaidramatic updates, edited by cassiopeiastars at MyDramaList) Edit Translation

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