Fox Legend 1991 (Hong Kong)


Fox Legend 1991 (Hong Kong) is Hong Kong drama premiere on Oct 4, 1991


Drama: Fox Legend 1991 (Hong Kong)
Hong Konger: 靈狐
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Oct 4, 1991

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Fox spirit, Hu Serena, comply with orders to lure the mother's health home selling fur coat only son Juro, in order for the group died in the hands of the house of David Fox revenge, and make his family so scattered people perish. But Juro infatuation eventually moved Serena, Serena, even by her mother nine lute fine beaten, nor the heart to harm Juro. At this high Dao Xing hunting Wang entrusted by the dead friend, satisfied Juro for believers and kill Serena, but Serena silly one Juro still hunting the king to ensure Serena is true for him, constitute conflict.