Female Assassins in the Palace (China) 2015


Female Assassins in the Palace (Golden Hair-Pins in the Palace ,) is China drama. Cast members: Steven Jiang, Ady An, Victor Chen...


Drama: Female Assassins in the Palace (China) 2015
Romaji: Golden Hair-Pins in the Palace ,
Chinese: 金钗谍影
Country: China
Episodes: 45
Release Date: 2015
Duration: 46 min.
Genres: Historical

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

When an ancient treasure map surfaces within the royal court, x marks a deadly spot for the most powerful members of the Qing Dynasty. Amidst a string of disappearances from ministers to generals, Princess Ciadie (Ady An) and Prince Batu (Steven Jiang) discover they possess the unlikely skills and knowledge necessary to uncover double-crossing courtiers who will stop at nothing for a mysterious treasure.