Fall In Love (China) 2013


Fall In Love is China drama premiere on Dec 23, 2013 on GMM One. Cast members: Tong Li Ya, Du Chun...


Drama: Fall In Love (China) 2013
Chinese: ๆ‹็ˆฑ็š„้‚ฃ็‚นไบ‹ๅ„ฟ
Country: China
Episodes: 35
Release Date: Dec 23, 2013 - Dec 31, 2013
Network: GMM One
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ยฉ

TV [ love that point thing ] The play is mainly about four older young women looking for love stories, and they represent the different styles of contemporary society tide four women: "Asian Mature" "white Formica" "snail female "and" Cock silk girl ", each with a different way of finding love declaration of love hustle. "Asian Mature" is the way of love can always muddy water, then find Prince Charming could not find it. "White Formica" is like San Mao said: "If you love, 10 million family also married; If you do not love, do not marry 1,000,000 sister!" And "snail girl" is the first to put an end to love, they thought into marriage found a protective shell equivalent, the results are not being flirtatious small three beat, is to be his yellow face costume get decadent. And "Cock wire sister" is higher the more handsome did not love, the more short more file more distressed. People label has drawn attention of the city emotional drama [ love that point thing ] has announced the starring candidates. Actress Asian Mature "in the new lake," played by the Tong Liya, while the male lead tangled male "Linze Feng" by Du Chun featuring personalized niche. "Asian Mature" age setting this role is around 30 years old, which is used to play Sentimental early 20s, but the girl's Tong Liya is a big challenge. That phase Tong Liya why did it? Luo Junhui said the crew had been approached many actors, Tong Liya eventually feel is appropriate. "In recent years the temper, Tong Liya is no longer a Sentimental actor, began to mature, she has exudes Asian Mature taste, on the other hand, her own personality and also the angle ...