Fai Hima 2019 (Thailand)


Fai Hima 2019 (Thailand), also known as Snow Fire is Thailand drama premiere on Dec 31, 2019 on Channel 7


Drama: Fai Hima 2019 (Thailand)
Romaji: Snow Fire
Thai: ไฟหิมะ
Country: Thailand
Release Date: Dec 31, 2019 - ?
Network: Channel 7
Genres: Romance, Drama, Action

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

''He's a fire that's hotter than any flame. Sometimes he's very cold and heartless. She hopes to be the snow that melts him and put out the fire that's destroying his heart. The vengeance in his heart causes him to be distrustful. He refuses the good intention that others give him, even refusing to accept his own heart. The coldness that's like fire will destroy everything until it almost burns him and causes him to lose his true love.''
A former cop who wants to take revenge after his wife got murdered becomes a bodyguard for a businessman who does a illegal business. But everything changes when he meets the nice fiance of his boss. How can she melt his cold heart?