Dong Dok Mai 2022 (Thailand)


Dong Dok Mai 2022 (Thailand), also known as Forest Flower, Wild Flower, Desirable Flower is Thailand drama premiere on Nov 29, 2022


Drama: Dong Dok Mai 2022 (Thailand)
Romaji: Forest Flower, Wild Flower, Desirable Flower
Thai: ดงดอกไม้
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 16
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday
Duration: 1 hr. 9 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Boonparet, a young and eager attorney, is working on a case where he represents Pongdanai, his half brother, who is a playboy and a womanizer with many mistresses, including one of Boonparet’s best friends. Chisamai is an attorney trainee whom Pongdanai secretly likes, so she is assigned to handle the case, so they can be together more often. But, when she learns the truth about Pongdanai, she decides to work against him by representing Boonparet’s best friend to file for divorce. (Source: MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the novel "Dong Dok Mai" (ดงดอกไม้) by Nantana Weerachon (นันทนา วีระชน). Edit Translation

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