Click, Like, Share Season 3 2022 (Philippines)


Click, Like, Share Season 3 2022 (Philippines), also known as Click, Like, Share 3, Click Like Share 3, Click, Like & Share 3 is Philippines drama premiere on Jan 12, 2022


Drama: Click, Like, Share Season 3 2022 (Philippines)
Romaji: Click, Like, Share 3, Click Like Share 3, Click, Like & Share 3
Native Title: Click, Like, Share Season 3
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Wednesday
Duration: 25 min.
Genres: Thriller

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

1. In “QR Code,” Vivoree discovers kindness as a security guard who gets fired from her job for allowing a man without a QR code to enter the building. Fed up with her misfortunes, Ellie decides to apply for a job overseas, but a series of coincidences complicates her decisions along the way. 2. In “Unseen,” Jerome and Mariel are longtime lovers whose relationship is changed by an accident that leads to her blindness. Driven by guilt, Jerome dedicates his time to looking after Mariel, until one day, he suddenly disappears from her life forever. 3. “Repair” is a story about healing with JC portraying a young cop, James, who lives with the shame left behind by his late dad, a notorious convicted criminal. When the death anniversary of his father’s victim comes, the issue resurfaces online, and JC finds himself transported back in time to confront his father. 4. “Swap” follows the gripping tale of two sisters whose bond is torn apart by jealousy. Jessie, a deeply insecure ‘jologs’ who envies the life of her famous vlogger sister Jenny, gets her ultimate wish when she wakes up to find out they have switched bodies. What follows is a startling realization that there is more to their lives than meets the eye. (Source: ABS-CBN) Edit Translation

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