Chun Mai Raw Wun Nun (Thailand)


Chun Mai Raw Wun Nun (Thailand), also known as I Will Not Wait For That Day, Chan Mai Rou Wan Nun is Thailand drama premiere on Channel 3


Drama: Chun Mai Raw Wun Nun (Thailand)
Romaji: I Will Not Wait For That Day, Chan Mai Rou Wan Nun
Thai: ฉันไม่รอวันนั้น
Country: Thailand
Release Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network: Channel 3
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Kade is a beautiful, cheerful and smart woman. She has a strong bond with her mother and aunt, who work diligently by selling flowers in the fresh market. They send Kade to study in the US without asking for help from Kade's father, who decided to marry a wealthy woman. After returning to Thailand, Kade starts working with her mother. Since she's so cheerful, active and strong, she catched the attention of many men, like Racha, Pattana and Dusit.
Racha is a handsome businessman who's polite, has a nice personality and it's good in his work. He is confused and hesitant when it comes to love, until he meets Kade.
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