Chinmoku Hotei (Japan) 2017


Chinmoku Hotei (Silent Court, Chinmoku Houtei) is Japan drama premiere on Sep 24, 2017 on WOWOW. Cast members: Ichihara Hayato, Nagasaku Hiromi...


Drama: Chinmoku Hotei (Japan) 2017
Romaji: Silent Court, Chinmoku Houtei
Japanese: 沈黙法廷
Writer: Ozaki Masaya
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Release Date: Sep 24, 2017 - Oct 22, 2017
Runtime: Sunday
Network: WOWOW
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

In Akabane, Tokyo, an old person, who lived alone, is found dead. The elderly person was strangled to death. Detectives from the Akabane Police Station investigate the case. According to the victim's neighbors, a woman sometimes came in and out of the victim's home. That woman is Miki Yamamoto (Hiromi Nagasaku). She does housework for her customers. The detectives from Akabane Police Station visit Miki Yamamoto’s house. At that time, other detectives from Saitama Prefecture also arrive at Miki Yamamoto’s house. Multiple suspicious death cases have taken place at her prior clients' homes. The media begin covering the story as a serial killer case. Who is Miki Yamamoto? What is the truth behind the cases?