Chi No Shio (Japan) 2014


Chi No Shio (Salt of the Earth) is Japan drama premiere on Feb 16, 2014 on WOWOW. Cast members: Oizumi Yo, Matsuyuki Yasuko...


Drama: Chi No Shio (Japan) 2014
Romaji: Salt of the Earth
Japanese: 地の塩
Director: Suzuki Kosuke
Writer: Inoue Yumiko
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Release Date: Feb 16, 2014 - Mar 9, 2014
Runtime: Sunday
Network: WOWOW
Duration: 50 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Kensaku Kamimura is an archeologist. He makes a discovery that overturns history. Kensaku's discovery proves humans existed in Japan at a time where it was previously thought they did not. The small village of Shiona, where Kensaku made his discovery, also feels an influx of new people coming to the area. Kensaku's discovery is to be written into textbooks with the help of editor Rina Sakuma. Rina becomes attracted to Kensaku as they spend time together. Meanwhile, the bone of a female student is discovered at an excavation site where Kensaku works. The female student went missing 13 years ago. Detective Taichi Yukinaga, who worked on the case back then, resumes his investigation. A scholar visits Rina and tells her that Kensaku's discovery has been manipulated.