Blue Again 2022 (Thailand)


Blue Again 2022 (Thailand) is Thailand drama premiere on Oct 7, 2022


Drama: Blue Again 2022 (Thailand)
Thai: Blue Again
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Oct 7, 2022
Duration: 3 hr. 10 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Ay is a mixed race child of a Thai mother and a white man. As she is much taller than others and has brown hair instead of black, she looks distinguished by appearance. She majors in fashion in Bangkok to contribute to the family business of indigo dyeing in her hometown. Toughing out her seniors’ bullying and classmates’ jealousy, she tries to focus on herself. On the other hand, her best friend at school tries to get along with anyone. Ay comes back to her hometown to study dyeing, but the colors fade no matter what she tries. In the meantime, she finds out that her childhood best friend is having conflicts with her family because of to religious issues. Ay finds answers to what is needed for life and art through experiences and relationships with others, especially her two close friends. (Source: BIFF) ~~Release dates: October 7, 2022 (Festival) || December 8, 2022 (Cinema) Edit Translation

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