Be Yourself 2021 (China)


Be Yourself 2021 (China), also known as Be Your Self, The Witty First Half, Ji Zhi De Shang Ban Chang is China drama premiere on Aug 18, 2021


Drama: Be Yourself 2021 (China)
Romaji: Be Your Self, The Witty First Half, Ji Zhi De Shang Ban Chang
Chinese: 机智的上半场
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Release Date: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Four young women begin life at university. Although they are firm friends, they are very different in almost every regard. Xia Lang Lang is tomboyish, obstinate, and supremely logical. But as she begins her tertiary educational journey, she discovers that she also has a softer side – and that romance might also play a role in her life. Meanwhile, Huang Fu Shu Min is always the heroine of her own story. Acting cute and dependent is her strong suit, and independence is not something she has ever been familiar with. But she soon understands that her university journey could well lead her on the path to independence. Then there’s Fan Xiao Yu, an intelligent young woman and a renowned beauty from a wealthy family. But she has always toed the line, respecting her family’s wishes, despite the fact that deep down, she wants to break free. When she begins to explore the world of business with a fellow student, she realizes that she might yet attain freedom – and maybe romance, too. Rounding off the quartet is Yang Jia Qian, who always gives off the impression of being mature beyond her years. But she has a range of hidden thoughts and feelings that are now ready to come to the fore now she is no longer under the watchful eye of her family. (Source: Viki) Edit Translation

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