Battle Flag 2012 (China)


Battle Flag 2012 (China) is China drama premiere on Nov 16, 2012 on LeTV


Drama: Battle Flag 2012 (China)
Chinese: 战旗
Country: China
Episodes: 43
Release Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network: LeTV
Duration: 45 min.

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

During the "September 18th" Incident, the Kuomintang withdrew from North China, and the senior Kuomintang officer Jin Ge died and returned to Dong'an City, trying to pick up his mother and his newlywed wife Liu Wenting. However, the Japanese army has entered the city, Liu Wenting was forced to kill himself, and Jin Ge was arrested. The underground workers of our party rescued Jin Ge, hoping that he could go to the base area and use his military knowledge to fight against the Eighth Route Army. However, Jin Ge was skeptical about the combat capability of the Eighth Route Army. He chose to stay alone near Dong'an City to kill the devils. After an accidental dissident, Jin Ge met Dai Jinhua, the captain of the anti-Japanese guerrillas of our enemy, and defeated the devils with them. From the initial invisibility to each other, to the bloody battle together, Jin Ge saw the true anti-Japanese spirit from Dai Jinhua. They became an anti-Japanese armed force active in the enemy's back, greatly hampering the military strength of Kamei. In 1945, the Japanese army retreated in various battlefields. Kamei wanted to implement the "Dead Sea" plan in Dong'an City. The life of the whole city was suspended in the front line. Jin Ge and Jinhua led the team to sneak into Dong'an City and finally stopped it. The Dead Sea plan has ushered in the dawn of the anti-Japanese victory.


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