Barb Ruk (Thailand) 2018


Barb Ruk (Sin of Love, Barp Ruk) is Thailand drama premiere on Sep 3, 2018 on GMM One. Cast members: Suwanan Kongying, Sean Jindachot, McIntosh Ruengrit...


Drama: Barb Ruk (Thailand) 2018
Romaji: Sin of Love, Barp Ruk
Thai: บาปรัก
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 22
Release Date: Sep 3, 2018 - Nov 13, 2018
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday
Network: GMM One
Duration: 60 min.
Genres: Romance, Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Depicts a forbidden romance between an older woman and a younger man.
Kiranan is married to Leryot, but he's cheating on her. He also starts to get physically abusive towards her. One day, she meets Tawan, a young artist who loves art. She felt a strange warmth when talking and being beside him. Their relationship develops into love. But it will not be easy for Kiranan to get a divorce - she needs to gather evidence of her husband's infidelity first. Meanwhile, Tawan has a dark secret - he's selling his body in exchange for money to pay for his sick mother's treatment.
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