Awfully Lawful (Hong Kong) 2013


Awfully Lawful (Arrogant Man of Justice , 法網囂雄) is Hong Kong drama premiere on Jun 17, 2013 on TVB Jade . Cast members: Grace Wong, Roger Kwok, Selena Li, Sharon Chan, Joyce Tang, Raymond Cho, Pal Sinn, Johnson Lee...


Drama: Awfully Lawful (Hong Kong) 2013
Romaji: Arrogant Man of Justice , 法網囂雄
Hong Konger: 熟男有惑
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 20
Release Date: Jun 17, 2013 - Jul 12, 2013
Runtime: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Network: TVB Jade
Duration: 45 min.
Genres: Drama

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

Sing Ming and Nam Cheuk Si opened a law firm together and hired two other lawyers -- Lo Sou and Yu Do Cheun. Four totally different men, but still have a deep profound relationship. Everybody in the office knows the four middle-aged men are clever lawyers and win almost every case. Many of their female clients admire and love them! Unfortunately, the firm encountered a crisis involving embezzlement. Four female lawyers of different backgrounds joined the firm to help the four recover from the crisis. These four include Sou's natural enemy Ku Ka Ying, youthful wealthy wife Sung Lai Sa, a housewife working on her husband's behalf Ku Ka Man and the pretty and youthful attorney Yau Mat. When the eight get entangled in a mess between work and personal relationships, they discover there is actually a mastermind behind the law firm.