A Woman's Life 1968 (South Korea)


A Woman's Life 1968 (South Korea), also known as 女子의一生, Yeojauiilsaeng is South Korea drama premiere on Aug 30, 1968


Drama: A Woman's Life 1968 (South Korea)
Romaji: 女子의一生, Yeojauiilsaeng
South Korean: 여자의 일생
Director: Shin Sang Ok
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Release Date: Aug 30, 1968
Duration: 1 hr. 55 min.
Genres: Drama, Family, Life

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

A woman is mistreated by her husband throughout their lives together, and is rejected by her children in old age. Based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant.