-197℃ (Taiwan)


-197℃ (Taiwan), also known as Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi is Taiwan drama


Drama: -197℃ (Taiwan)
Romaji: Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi
Taiwanese: 零下一九七
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 24
Release Date: 2022 - ?

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A man from 1944, frozen for over half an century, woke up in the modern time. By chance, he saved his grandson and moved in with him. Their cohabitation will prove trying as they attempt reconcile their very different lifestyles: An martial art expert from the 1950s and a technocrat from the present. In the mean time, a mysterious woman will help them uncover the conspiracy surrounding their family and decode the source of eternal life. (Source: Kumaxell at MyDramaList) Edit Translation

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