19 Days (China)


19 Days (China), also known as Nineteen Days, 19 Tian is China drama


Drama: 19 Days (China)
Romaji: Nineteen Days, 19 Tian
Chinese: 19天
Country: China
Release Date: 2022 - ?

Plot Synopsis by DramaWiki Staff ©

The story focuses on four teenagers: Zhan Zheng Xi, Jian Yi, He Tian, ​​and Mo Guan Shan. A series of hilarious and warm campus daily life takes place. "19 Days" is not only a relaxed and happy campus life for the four, but also a youth story where the boys understand each other and help them grow up. Zhan Zheng Xi's seemingly cold personality is actually the most gentle. He Jian Yi is a kindergartener and a junior high school classmate. I like playing games, but I don't like playing games with my sister who is a master of games. Seeing a light-colored hair and silky hair, he looked handsome in seriousness, but in a few seconds he changed back to a silly look. I met Zhan Zheng Xi who was willing to be friends with him when he had no friends in his childhood and listened to him. They encouraged each other to grow up together. He Tian plays basketball, is tall, handsome and reliable, and is very popular among teachers and students in the school. Although Mo Guan Shan's family is not rich, he is very strong, and he is very strict with himself. He looks like a child who stretches out his clothes to open his mouth, but he is unexpectedly good at cooking. (Source: Douban) ~~ Adapted from the novel of the same name by Can Shang Mo Li (参商未离). Edit Translation

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